Our major ambition is to add value to what we do, while transforming our work in touchable results and genuine products.
Our land is our passion, it seduces us each and every single day, it leads us, it opens itself and invites us to discover its secret wonders. We see ourselves as children and devoted disciples of the golden section (golden proportion) pattern, through which we have found our way how to express ourselves and how to transform a simple profession into a real life-time project.
Our company is our life-time mission.
Why do we consider important to mention the golden section in our introduction?
Because our journey is based on a re-discovery of the richness of the golden section ( golden ratio), of its unique value which is expressed by an irrational algebraic number, which can be approximated asymptotically, with an increasing precision, by the ratio between two sequential elements of the Fibonacci integer sequence.
This Fibonacci Quarterly, appeared unexpectedly in mathematics as well as in art expressions of any kind, in various biological and cultural settings, which only apparently can be assigned to separate contexts, has been evoked for centuries in people’s minds as an evident proof of the concrete existence of the direct correlation between macro and micro-cosmos, between God and man, between the universe and its anthropical reflection of the ideal beauty standard. The importance of its dominant role in arts and philosophy seems to be appropriately expressed by the quality of the recent added attribution of the term “golden” or “divine.”

Who We Are


Our farm in Collemucioli was raised up with passion and love, which our family always tended to pass down from one generation to another through its specific expression through work. Our company represents a unique mixture of traditional values and innovation. It’s a natural product of a land which grounds its present experiences on the past, while maintaining key high standards of traditional tastes and values, as they once were also years ago, powered by the aim of continuous growth, innovation and improvement.
This is how our farm was born and raised up beneath the wonderful towers of San Gimignano, exposed to the whole world, to the earth and lands, which has always beard its honest fruit, blessed by the spirit of the holy temple of The Pancole sanctuary.
The real treasure of our company is our wine and our olives, which we treat fully committed as their devoted servants and faithful guardians.
Our conception of biological farming and the approach to soil goes far beyond the normal perception of an average manual work: it has always been our heart choice. It is an extraordinary rich, fulfilling and gratifying activity, and because of it, we consider it to be an inherent part of our life-time mission, powered by a real devotion and strong positive feeling of actually realizing our life purpose.
Our company is a result of this land and of the passion for this brand activity, which finds its own expression in its unique products: oils and wines.

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